Facility Services

Pressure washing services/ graffiti removal description:

Dirt, mould, grime and other materials can cause deterioration of your commercial building eventually leading to exterior damage of the property. Our affiliates are trained and equipped in the use of high-pressure hot water delivery systems, in both low and high pressures, to wash a variety of commercial surfaces in a safe and effective way.

General construction repair and maintenance

Canway is dedicated to managing all of your property service needs. We provide a competitive array of general construction repair and general maintenance services for your building. Our schedules depend on your needs, whether that is for maintenance, scheduled or emergency purposes.

Flood repair description

Whatever the cause of flooding, our team is prepared to handle the problem . Our staff will go straight to the issue to help assess the problems that you face and we will make a plan with you accordingly.

Mould abatement services Description:

Due to extensive closures of business and commercial buildings due to COVID-19, prolonged closures lead to excessive moisture inside the internal components of your building. When this moisture is unattended, it leads to high levels of mould forming deep inside your building. Our affiliates are trained professionals who will safely remove all moulds and fix the issue to eliminate the recurring problem. Canway works in compliance with IHSA Infrastructure Health and Safety Association to ensure all staff present are trained and equipment to complete the request.

Underground parking power washing

As a business owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean garage to show your level of care for your business. Buildup of sand, dust, and dirt can cause your garage to look old, unkept and unmanaged. This is why at Canway, we will make sure your underground parking space is sparkling for your clients and staff to appreciate.

Areas we also service:

● Curb replacement