Technical Cleaning

In today’s society, the use of technology in the presence of electronic equipment has been growing exponentially. Equipment such as computers, monitors, keyboards and touch screen surfaces found in control rooms and operational surfaces are widespread, especially in the telecommunications business.

As with other surfaces where there are lots of germs and finger marks, electronic equipment requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Keyboards, monitors, broadcast and switcher panels can attract all sorts of matter like dust, germs and food particles. These contaminants can become trapped behind and under the keys, causing erosion to the equipment. If the electronics are not being regularly cleaned or being cleaned through improper techniques, then it can easily become damaged or require expensive replacing.

It is of utmost importance that your technical equipment is getting cleaned and disinfected with precision, speed and accuracy.

At Canway, we are proud to be servicing the GTA for over 27 years in high-level detailing of electronic equipment. We understand the importance of keeping your electronic equipment working effectively. By choosing Canway for your technical cleaning needs, you can assure your equipment is being properly cleaned and maintained safely and accurately.

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